IFE 2019 Setup Manual

Freeman Exposition Forms

Please return forms to the service provider. All forms listed below are due by May 7 to receive advance order discount pricing.
Freeman Online Orders
Carpet Order Form
Exhibitor Appointed Contractor ("EAC") Notification - includes forms listed below:
   EAC Notification Form
   Official Contractors Information & Regulations
   Third Party Billing Request
Exhibitor Display Rental Order Form
Furniture package Order Form
Hanging Signs / Banners Order Form & Information (hanging signs/banners only permitted in 400 + sq. ft. booth space)
In Booth Forklift Order Form
Labor - includes forms listed below
   Labor Order Form
   Key Information Form
   Labor Terms & Conditions
Javits Convention Center Union Jurisdiction
Material Handling - includes forms listed below:
(required for all exhibitors that are shipping material to Advance Warehouse or Convention Center)

   Advanced Warehouse Shipping Labels
   Direct Shipment to Convention Center Shipping Labels
   Material Handling Order Form
   Material Handling Guidelines
   Material Handling Terms & Conditions
   Shipping Information (dates and addresses of where to send your show material)
Payment Authorization Form & Payment Terms & Conditions (must be returned with all Freeman Decorating Forms)
Shipping Information(dates and addresses of where to send your show material)
Signage & Graphic Order Form
Vehicle Spotting Order Form
Freeman Transportation