IFE in New York Will be a Resounding Success

Posted by Ed Teixeira

I'm going to go against recent downward trends regarding franchise trade show attendance and exhibitors and predict that next years IFE in New York City will provide a shot in the arm for franchising. I realize that the Internet, Social Media and other vehicles may have diminshed the appeal of the traditional franchise trade show, however, the move to NYC by MFV Expo will make a difference.

Here are some reasons why:

  • There are 28 million people that live within 2 hours drive time from NYC. This market is 4 times the market in the Washington-Baltimore-D.C.,Md- VA and W.Va area.
  • The availability of public transportation can easily transport visitors from Philadelphia, Connecticut and New Jersey.
  • NYC is the media capital of the World (sorry LA) and the visibility of the IFA and leading franchise firms will help to publicize the franchise industry.
  • The location of so many investment banking, PE and VC firms in NYC will add more buzz to the event.
  • The population that resides in this market is the most diverse in the U.S. which will add to the appeal of the IFE
  • NYC has an international presence that far surpasses any other U.S. city. This means great opportunities for franchisors looking to go overseas.
  • NYC is the number 1 tourist destination in the country.

I admit being somewhat biased living here on Long Island only an hour away from the "City", however, I believe this show will provide a real boost to the franchise industry. Be sure to save this blog to see if my prediction proves correct. Here is info on the IFE New York Show in June of 2012.