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What Exhibitors have to Say About Exhibiting at IFE:

“We met our first franchisee at the IFE. We hit it off from the start and went right into contract and construction. He was open and operating by December of 2016.”

Jason Mazzarone

“Philly Pretzel has been coming to the IFE for six years now. People don’t always sign up right away after the event, but when you look back you realize a lot of the leads that you got came from the IFE. For instance, this week we completed a three store deal with a father and son who came to the show last year.”

Frank Weiss
Philly Pretzel Factory

“We’re really excited about the International Franchise Expo because we know it’s the largest show of the year. On our first day we captured more leads than we did in a three day show earlier in the year. We’re super excited about the quality of the leads.”

Terry Connolly
High Touch High Tech

“We’ve been around for around two years but we just began franchising at the beginning of 2016. This is our second year exhibiting at IFE. We closed 3 franchise leads from last year.”

Danny Park

“We participate in FES, IFE and WCFE. When we close 2 deals over the course of the year from prospects we meet at the expos, we consider that a home run. The franchise events offer a much lower cost per lead and lower cost per acquisition.”

Jeff Travitz
Goddard Systems

“On our first day we generated 24 leads. It’s been an even mix between international markets that we’re looking to expand in and also states that we’re looking to expand in here at home in the U.S. If you’re looking for a place to get both U.S. and international leads and expand into international markets this is the show.”

Mike Riley
Ziebart International

“We had six booths at the show representing all of our brands. Although I have not received a total count, we engaged easily over 1,000 people, no including the international guests we met with for master license purposes. It would be safe to say that our expectations from the IFE will be no less than 15 franchise sales along with several master license arrangements for countries outside the U.S.”

Tony Foley
United Franchise Group

“The IFE is an extraordinary event. At Golden Corral we never miss it. Our booth is always busy, but just as importantly, we love to walk the floor and see what all the other concepts are up to. Nowhere else is there such an amazing variety of franchise companies in one spot.”

Bob McDevitt
Golden Corral

“Exhibiting at IFE has helped us expand from 10 locations only 5 years ago to over 250 locations currently.”

John Carter
Wayback Burgers

“IFE gives us a lot of exposure to international markets. We get calls all year long for people who have seen us at IFE.”

Catherine Deano
Painting with a Twist


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