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Saturday, June 1, 2019
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Tapping into the $5 Trillion Global Halal Marketplace Hungry For Ethical Franchises

Room: 1C05

Presented by: Usman Waheed, Founder HalalFranchise.com & President Sepco Ventures, HalalFranchise.com

Panelists: Yahya K. Sultan, Marketing Coach, HalalFranchise.com; Mukarram Ismail, Engagement Coach, HalalFranchise.com; Esaam Waheed, Son of Usman, HalalFranchise.com

The rapid expansion towards a global $5 Trillion Halal Market has led to valuable opportunities in the franchising world which only a handful of companies have been able to take advantage of. The Halal market is desperate for ethical businesses and food concepts but lacks a clear path to serving this growing demographic. In the U.S. alone American Muslims spent over $120 Billion last year with limited to no access to Halal Franchise Concepts. Halal is becoming its own Asset class. An understanding of the value of the Halal market both in the US and globally is important to help position oneself to take advantage of this expansive growth. This seminar will teach you about the value of this market and offer a direct path and understanding on how to service them.


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