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As an entrepreneurial business and recruiting expert, I share my expertise with other organizations as a speaker, author, educator, and trainer. In addition to various speaking and training engagements, I act as a consultant for several Fortune 500 organizations each year. My business philosophy has always focused on putting the best interests of my clients first. In my speaking and training, my goal is to share proven business practices that will help you achieve success. Through a unique (and sometimes unconventional!) delivery style, I offer challenging and encouraging insights for everyone from recruiters to CEOs seeking the best talent. I’ve spoken and trained professionals from Cisco Systems, Starbucks, Allscripts, Covance, CDW, and Walgreens. Furthermore, I’ve facilitated workshops and spoken at SHRM Conferences, OnRec Expo/ Kennedy Recruiting Conferences, ERE Expo Conferences, The European Leadership Conference, and TheLearningConference.com. Lastly, I share my thoughts and insights on Stevelowisz.com.

Presenting in the following seminars/workshops:

Thursday, May 30, 2019
3:45 PM - 4:30 PM
Using People Data to Make Smarter Hires, Increase Retention, and Inspire Performance

Room: 1B03

Presented by: Steve Lowisz, President, Qualigence International

For decades, we?ve relied on gut feel and guesswork to assess whether someone will succeed in a given role. Whether we?re hiring or making internal talent decisions, we often struggle to predict whether they have what it takes to succeed in a position. We make hires that don?t work out, or we promote someone to a new role only to watch them fail. When a bad hire can cost us as much as $40,000, we can?t afford to make these mistakes. Instead, we can use science and data to gain a better understanding of our people. With a better understanding, we are able to hire the right candidates, get them to stay at the company, and inspire them to perform based on their unique behavioral drives. Ultimately, it?s about empowering businesses to crush their goals and drive greater profits with the right people and performance.


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