Ryan Son Founder/CEO - MulDaePo BBQ, Sushi Hon, Shuto Izakaya, and JJan Gastropub

Withn three years, he has successfully opened and ran four restaurants in LA in his twenties. Serving various cuisines and types of food to serve; from sushi, barbeque, to a bar Grabbed attention of all of Koreatown and rest of Los Angeles. Running four franchises in only four years and currently still hot

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Saturday, June 1, 2019
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
A Korean Special Seminar: All About Franchising

Room: 1B03

Presented by: Ryan Son, Founder/CEO, MulDaePo BBQ, Sushi Hon, Shuto Izakaya, and JJan Gastropub

As K-Food has been on the rise, Ryan Son shares his accomplishments & journey has a Franchise owner of the hot spots in the hearts of K-Town and throughout Los Angeles, of his franchises - sushi, KBBQ, egg sandwich restaurants as well as bars. Starting from serving to cleaning, he currently runs six successful restaurants within a span of just four years, opening another this coming May of 2019. Come and hear his lessons and tips at this special Korean Seminar.

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