What Attendees Say

What Past Attendees Have to Say About IFE

“IFE was easy to navigate, and was an excellent use of my time. I highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in operating their own business.”

Fred Taddeo
Oak Ridge, NJ

“My initial plan was to investigate only the franchises that I was interested in and able to research. However, I was so impressed by so many other franchises that I didn’t know about that I was able to also investigate those additional opportunities to see what was best for me.”

Wilson Burgos
Webster, NY

“The IFE was really awesome - full of opportunity, information and inspiration for business builders and prospective franchisees. Visiting IFE provided me with the opportunity to learn about many other things for which I hadn't made up my mind.”

Zahid Askani
Principal and Founder
The Oasis School Gwadar, Gwadar, Pakistan

“I appreciated the huge number of exhibitors from around the world, making it easy to compare and contrast various businesses, including support services, such as payroll and legal”

Billy Fitzgerald
Long Island City, NY

“I walked the entire floor, and was able to get information on several franchises I was interested in. Attending IFE helped me narrow my options. Overall, it was a good expo and I am glad I attended.”

Larry Borchardt
Stamford, CT

“I attended 2 seminars, The A to Z’s of Buying a Franchise and Franchising Your Business I learned a lot from both”

Naaman Bakhos
Maten, Lebanon

“I found IFE to be fulfilling in the amount and variety of franchises being offered. Everybody showing their franchise was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in providing information about their businesses.”

Ed Chalupa
Raritan, NJ

“IFE was a visionary and eye opening event for me. I learned so much from the 3-day training about franchises. After a thorough visit of the expo, I learned and was motivated so much that I have decided to build my own franchise business.”

Zahid Askani
Principal and Founder
The Oasis School Gwadar, Gwadar, Pakistan

“Very good show overall. Great exhibits, great seminars, great people. See you next year!”

Larry Ames
Fair Lawn, NJ

“I came back from the show with several new ideas, which I am in the process of starting to narrow down. I can’t say enough about the show. It was large enough to handle the number of people so it didn’t feel crowded. The variety of ideas, seminars and quality of representative the Franchisors made this trip worth every penny. I went to gather information and came back with so much more. Thank you!”

Wilson Burgos
Webster, NY

“The show was good. It had a good quality assortment of franchisors, large and small”

Carl Pallini
Milford, PA


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