Scott Jewett Senior Advisor - iFranchise Group

As the Senior Franchise Consultant of iFranchise Group’s Los Angeles, California office, Mr. Jewett specializes in implementing individualized rapid growth strategies for businesses in the Los Angeles area.

Mr. Jewett evaluates organizations for franchisability, financial strength, management capabilities, and development potential; assesses alternatives for growth; and creates strategies for expansion, with particular emphasis on franchising. He also assists troubled franchise companies, identifies problem areas, and develops solutions and improvements in strategies, marketing, operations, and franchise relations.

Over the course of more than two decades in franchising, Jewett has been a franchisee, a franchise consultant, expert witness, and the CEO of two different franchise companies. Specializing in implementing rapid growth strategies, Jewett is an expert in Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and state franchise law, franchise marketing, franchise sales, and in evaluating companies for franchisability.

During the course of his career, Mr. Jewett has consulted with hundreds of companies on their franchised growth strategies and numerous franchise systems. He has developed a franchise program for over 60 companies and has assisted numerous existing franchisors establish best practices. He was the lead iFranchise Group consultant for Bikram Yoga, West Marine, Yoshinoya, Fast Wrap, Denny’s, and Twentieth Century FOX as well as dozens of small to medium sized franchise networks. Also an expert at international expansion, he has franchised into 23 countries.

Between 1999 and 2006, Mr. Jewett directed the franchised expansion of LINE-X, one of the fastest-growing franchise systems in North America. Under his leadership in franchise development and implementation, the company expanded from a start-up franchise to an international system comprised of 647 retail locations throughout the U.S. and 23 international markets. System-wide sales exceeded $160 million. As CEO of LINE-X (and its sister company, PAXCON), Mr. Jewett played a key role in the company’s growth and success. Mr. Jewett led the sale of LINE-X to Graham Partners (a private equity firm) in August 2005.

During his tenure at LINE-X, the company placed 56 on the Entrepreneur 500, being named to Entrepreneur Magazine’s “20 Fastest Growing” four years in a row, and “Best New Franchises” for his last five years with the company. LINE-X won awards for its growth, management, and/or operational excellence by Frost and Sullivan, SEMA, and a host of other organizations. PAXCON, the industrial coatings division, is the only coating system to gain U.S. Department of Defense, Army Corps of Engineers, and Navy approval to protect against potential terrorist attacks. Through Mr. Jewett’s efforts, PAXCON won a coveted contract to protect the U.S. Pentagon and many other government and military buildings.

Prior to 1999, Mr. Jewett was a franchisee, and later a franchisor, of two mall-based photography and digital imaging franchises. He also has extensive experience in restaurant operations, having started his career as a restaurant manager for a national steak franchise chain.

Having sold his equity interests in two franchise companies, Jewett intimately understands the process of business valuation, private equity, and the process of maximizing shareholder value. Mr. Jewett holds a B.S. in Business and an M.B.A. from San Diego State University.

Presenting in the following seminars/workshops:

Thursday, June 15, 2017
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Maximizing Relationships with Franchisees

Room: 1B05

Presented by: Scott Jewett, Senior Advisor, iFranchise Group

Once you have decided to franchise your business, do you have the infrastructure in place to carry this out? How do you manage the franchise strategy? How fast will you grow? What does it take to support the system? This and a lot of other questions will be answered during this lively session.
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Friday, June 16, 2017
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Key Issues in Developing the Business Terms for your FDD

Room: 1C04

Presented by: Scott Jewett, Senior Advisor, iFranchise Group and Harold Kestenbaum, Partner, Harold L. Kestenbaum, PC

Prior to launching a franchise program, a new franchisor must ensure that the business terms defining the relationship with its franchisees is properly structured, and allow for long-term success at both the franchisee and franchisor levels. This session will highlight the key issues to consider when structuring the business decisions that will ultimately be documented in the FDD and Franchise Agreement.
Sponsored by        

Friday, June 16, 2017
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Maintaining Brand Standards as a New Franchisor

Room: 1B05

Presented by: Scott Jewett, Senior Advisor, iFranchise Group and Barry Falcon, Senior Strategy Consultant, iFranchise Group

Whether you are considering franchising for the first time or are an established franchisor, your brand integrity must always remain your top priority. One of the primary advantages of franchising is that it provides you with a highly-motivated operator. And in many franchise systems, franchised units will routinely outperform the franchisor’s company operations on quality scores. But in poorly controlled systems, franchisees who do not follow the system will cause the brand to suffer. This seminar will focus on how to use the “four pillars of quality control” to improve consistency while harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit of your franchisees.
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Saturday, June 17, 2017
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
Avoiding Litigation for the Start-up Franchisor

Room: 1B02

Presented by: Harold Kestenbaum, Partner, Harold L. Kestenbaum, PC and Scott Jewett, Senior Advisor, iFranchise Group

Avoiding litigation as a franchisor is more about good planning than it is about good luck. This session will help the start-up franchisor understand the most common business and legal traps that can lead to avoidable litigation. Discussions will focus on practical advice for avoiding both franchisee litigation and vicarious liability for the acts of your franchisees. Topics will include sales and marketing best practices, regulatory issues and compliance, dispute resolution, franchise relations, and minimizing liability while maintaining quality control.
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Saturday, June 17, 2017
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Best Practices for Start Up & Early Stage Franchisors

Room: 1C04

Presented by: Scott Jewett, Senior Advisor, iFranchise Group and Robert Stidham, Chief Executive Officer, Franchise Dynamics

New franchisors quickly realize that franchising is an entirely new business – with its own set of best practices. Some of the best practices discussed in this presentation include establishing compliance systems, developing effective communications systems, hiring and retaining the best employees, and developing a systematic plan for the growth of your franchise system and your franchise organization.
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